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Useful Medicinal Plants for Vision Impairment in Traditional Iranian Medicine

Jamshid Shayanfar, Hassan Ghasemi, Seyed Saeed Esmaili, Fatemeh Alijaniha, Ali Davati

Vision impairment is an important general health issue that imposes many costs on governments and the health system every year. Despite the decline in infectious eye diseases, which has reduced the vision impairment and blindness over the past two decades, vision impairment is still a major health problem in some parts of the world. In traditional medicine books, visual weakness is referred to as “any disturbance in the act of seeing”. Many medicinal herbs have been mentioned in books of Traditional Iranian medicine (TIM) for the management of vision impairment. The aim of this study is to review the medicinal plants mentioned in TIM, which are considered effective for the treatment of vision impairment or its enhancement. In this library-based study, medicinal plants effective in the treatment of vision impairment were searched using 6 valid sources of traditional medicine, including Makhzan ol-Adawiya, The Canon of Medicine, Tuhfat al-Momenin, Al-Abniyah An Haqaiq al-adwiya, Al-Shamil Fi al-Sana’at al-tebiyah, and Ekhtiarate Badiee. This was done in 10 steps (finding keywords, searching for resources, preparing a single list, finding synonyms, classifying, reviewing, extracting plants from compositions, summarizing, scoring and sorting based on the obtained score). A total of 89 medicinal plants were extracted, most of which had a hot and dry temperament. Based on the obtained score, 12 plants got the highest scores (10 and above). The extracted plants can be the basis for further clinical studies to make new effective drugs for the prevention and treatment of vision impairment.[GMJ.2019;8:e1285]

Vision Impairment; Ophthalmology; Medicinal Plants

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