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Bronchospasm During Induction of Anesthesia: A Case Report and Literature Review

Salman Vojdani

Background: Bronchospasm (spasm of bronchial muscles) in general anesthesia caused by many reasons. Untreated bronchospasm can cause hypoxia, hypotension and increased morbidity and mortality. Case Report: A 28 years old female scheduled for tonsillectomy surgery. Immediately after induction of anesthesia patient developed with drop in oxygen saturation and difficulty in mechanical ventilation. Conclusion: Bronchospasm should be considered in differential diagnosis of oxygen saturation drop during general anesthesia. This situation is more common in patients without specific respiratory disorder. Tracheal irritants like sputum and blood can cause bronchospasm. Other causes include histamine or serotonin release. [GMJ.2018;7:e846]


Bronchial Spasm; General Anesthesia; Respiratory Hypersensitivity

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